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Dont be a drag, just be a queen.

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I Dont usually do this. But If you love makeup and you havent heard of this. YOU NEED TO GET IT! TRUST ME. YOU WILL BE SO GLAD YOU DID! 

A giant community of people who love to help others and post looks. I mean this is literally the best thing ever. So please. <3 check it out! Youll be glad you did!


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Glam bag love.
Gorgeous mask makeup. Gorgeous eyes.
This is some legit night elf makeup.
Ok, so it isnt beauty. So sue me. Though these are seriously the most comfortable insoles ive ever used. I had a pair of Air Walk -21 degree, all weather boots. awesome boots, Great for the cold winters and working. Well the insoles in my boots, well they fell out. And alas, i mad the mistake of wearing them while working on halloween in the haunted forest, a local scary hangout. By the end of the night my feet were literally bleeding. I got these from influenster a week later. Wore them the whole night, no pain, nothing, my feet felt awesome afterwards. These are a must for all of my boots! Thanks Dr Scholls! 

When i get a voxbox that provides beauty supplies, i am never let down! I absolutely LOVED the Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara. My god, the wonderful things it did to my lashes. WHOA!!!!!!!!! You all need to try it! 


Ive been picked by Benefit Cosmetics and Ipsy to host a Lash Bash Party! I got over $120 in gifts as well. THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY! I cannot wait to post some looks! :) AHH This is literally going to be the longest week EVER! =/ I cannot wait to host! 

wow, jealous!! Congrats! so much benefit @_@

Thank you! :)