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Dont be a drag, just be a queen.

Okay. Everyone asked me what primers I use. Ive used all of these. 

Urban Decay Primer Potion VS Too Faced Shadow Insurance:
I love both, I wont deny it. Though i have to admit i had much more staying power with the Urban Decay Primer potion. So much so that at the end of the day, when washing off my makeup. I still had a bit left. I love it. I still feel like unless you spent an ass-load of money, You aren’t going to get much. Dont get me wrong, great product. Insane prices. Though for UD I would say its definitely worth it. 

Magic Lumi Primer VS Put a lid on theBalm:
When they say one is not like the others, its true. The Balm has a strong contender in its Put a lid on it Primer. I liked it, but one thing is, I feel that they dont give you much. I used this up in less than a month. While the lumi, I still have plenty of. Though the lumi is a bit sticky. I always find myself putting plenty of matte powder over it. Though I will say in theBalm’s defense, I love their products, they never disappoint. And I do my makeup sometimes two to three times a day. So how fast i went through it, kind of my fault. :D

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind VS Mirabella Prime:
Ok, this one, i gotta admit. They’re practically dupes, Beside the fact that the age rewind has a sheer light pink color to it and Mirabella is clear. Its like someone took the Mirabella and just squirted the Age rewind into it, or visa versa. That is how insanely similar they are. Same texture, same staying power, same smell, same feel. I love them both. I really do! The creamy primer feels so soft on the skin. I cant even describe it. I just love the feeling of this stuff on my face before all my makeup is added. Though anyone who got ipsy, if you are loving the mirabella. You can get it in the Instant age rewind, at your local store for cheaper. 

EDIT: After getting into my makeup recently, Both being opened the same amount of time. Im kind of upset with the Mirabella. IT claims to be “oil free” I went to squirt a bit onto the back of my hand……… nothing but oil came out. slick, gross, slimy oil. Age Rewind was still its creamy soft self. DO NOT buy mirabella Prime. 

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